DML Commands in SQL Server: SELECT

DML: Data Manipulation Language

In the earlier sessions, we have seen how to INSERT data into a table and How to UPDATE data in the table.

The main purpose of the database is to store and retrieve date.

Once data is inserted/updated ( stored ) in the database, then our next goal is to fetch(retrieve) the data which we stored earlier.

In this article we will see simple SELECT command . SELECT Command can go with many other command like WHERE, GROUP BY, HAVING, ORDER BY, TOP, DISTINCT, COUNT etc., I will explain in detail about all these commands in coming session. For now, lets limit this session to a simple SELECT Command.

Here is the Simple SELECT Command Syntax in SQL SERVER.

  1. SELECT * FROM <Table Name>   : This command retrieves complete data from the table (i.e, information from all the columns).
  2. SELECT Col1, Col2,Col3,....ColN FROM <Table Name>: This command retrieves the data from only the columns which are used in the select command.
Lets see the examples for both the above syntax formats:

Assume that we have a table (MYPASSWORDS) with the following information. This table contains list of my email ids and corresponding passwords.


Execute the command given in Syntax 1: (SELECT * FROM MYPASSWORDS) . Result set for this query is given below:

Execute the command given in Syntax 2: (SELECT ACCOUNID,PWD FROM MYPASSWORDS) . Result set for this query is given below. This will fetch only Account Id and password from the table.


This article describes how to use SELECT command for simple data retrieval.

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